Infertility is difficult and it’s tempting to feel as though your time and hope are running out. We are here to support you and help you turn these feelings around. It’s a deeply personal thing to choose those who are going to help you conceive. Knowing that you can depend on them while not having to break the bank keeps the process smooth and 100 times less stressful. You can focus on what truly matters. It is the mission of the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Texas to cover every need and concern you have. Here are 10 ways we are prepared to support you throughout your fertility journey.

Why Choose the Center of Reproductive Medicine

  1. CORM has highly rated fertility experts known for their success and dedication to your individual needs; healthfully, financially and emotionally.
  2. CORM works with your schedule. We keep things flexible so you don't have to stress about moving your whole life around to fit in your appointment. We are also available to take appointments for current patients in the evenings and on weekends for your convenience.
  3. CORM wants to make things as affordable as possible for you. We offer financial consulting by compassionate counselors who are motivated to help you set up a plan that’s right for you.
  4. CORM has 4 locations conveniently spread throughout the Houston area and Beaumont which are meticulously designed to make you feel comfortable and at home.
  5. CORM’s equipment is all top of the line, state-of-the-art and continually updated as new technology is discovered.
  6. All of CORM’s services are located in one building, including the on-site surgical center, with the familiar people you have grown to know and trust.
  7. CORM’s facility covers all of the bases, offering in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), ovulation induction, third party parenting, semen analysis, Anti-Mullerian hormone testing, and genetic testing
  8. CORM offers loans up to $100,000 with no prepayment penalties, which you can conveniently sign up for online. Ask about our options and advice for you on how to keep these loans from affecting your credit.
  9. CORM has had some of the highest proven success rates in Texas for over 20 years.
  10. CORM is also currently holding a number of clinical studies in fertility research that we encourage you to explore. If you are eligible to participate, medications and tests that are part of the study may be given to you at no cost.

CORM’s Success Rates

The Center of Reproductive Medicine’s success rates land in the 50% range, yearly. Women above the age of 35 are having nearly as much success as those in their younger years. Statistically by age 40, women are said to have about 5% chance of getting pregnant. After undergoing treatment with us, success rates increase to 20 percent or above for these women. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Center for Disease Control have collected and appraised our success rating us one of the top fertility facilities in Texas. We rank #1 in Houston for frozen cycles resulting in live births and 15th out of the 480 fertility centers in the United States.

Choosing Your Provider

You are most likely reading this now because you have decided that you are in need of a fertility specialist. It is time to start looking for help if:
  • You have had more than 1 miscarriage
  • You are a woman under 35 and haven’t gotten pregnant after 1 year of trying
  • You are a woman over 35 and haven't gotten pregnant after 6 months of trying
  • You are a man who has had his semen analyzed with poor results
Asking for help can only further your chances and take you multiple steps closer toward your goal. At the Center of Reproductive Medicine, our physicians are committed to staying up to date and 100% informed on any and all of the options we can provide to you on your journey. We specialize solely in fertility issues and dedicate ourselves to understanding your unique situation. As you begin to explore the different provider options available to you out there, make sure to do your research. Organize any questions you might have and know that you deserve only the highest quality attention when it comes to choosing your provider. If you are having difficulty knowing what questions to ask, Merck has provided a great discussion guide that will help you get started. It is important to us that we can provide you with answers to your concerns and offer you a sense of relief, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions or call back if you have more. Meet our physicians and read their bios on our website. Also, checking reviews made in our clients’ testimonials may help direct you to a physician that feels right for you.


No two people are the same, and no two infertility cases are alike. Your fertility status is personal and unique to you. Schedule your assessment with one of our fertility specialists.
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