As you begin your search for a Texas fertility clinic, you will want to properly prepare yourself for the experience by getting a clear idea of exactly what it is that you want that experience to be. Infertility is already incredibly difficult to absorb, and putting your trust in others to help you is all the more daunting.  In order to be certain that you have found the right clinic, you will obviously want to do your research, but also be sure that you are listening to your gut instincts about whether or not the place you are choosing can truly provide you with the care that you desire. With the right treatment your chances are great. 80% of couples who are dealing with infertility do eventually achieve successful pregnancies. However, there are clinics out there that could simply end up wasting your time. Keep reading to learn about what will help you establish a clear awareness about a clinic during your first infertility appointment.

Be Mindful Of These 5 Things At Your First Infertility Appointment

1. Determine Your Standards

The quality of treatment that you are given, even in that initial encounter, is imperative to your experience with a clinic. You are already going through enough of a struggle and it is a clinic’s job to provide you with solutions and ease. You should not only feel extremely comfortable with your doctor, but the entire staff and overall feel of the clinic should make you feel nothing but safe. Make sure to learn as many details as you can about the clinic, such as:
  • How they communicate
  • The office hours and availability
  • The treatment options provided
  • The success rates
This will help you to establish whether or not the clinic is compatible with your needs.

2. Know What It is That You Want To Ask

You will be given information about the clinic and the treatment options that they provide and you should also be asked whether or not you have any questions. This is your chance to get a clear idea of what this clinic can do for you and just how they will go about approaching your individual case. You are most likely wondering:
  • What their opinion is on why you have not been able to conceive
  • What tests you will need to undergo and why
  • How much of it will be covered by your insurance
  • What treatment makes the most sense for your individual case, why, and how long you will give it before trying something else
  • If there are side affects to this treatment
  • What the success rates are for this treatment, etc.
It is always helpful to have your questions prepared beforehand as you can easily forget some essentials when you are put on the spot. Bring a pen and paper with you so you can have the questions available to read off and so that you are able to write down any new information that you may learn.

3. Evaluate Your Connection With The Doctor

Your choice in doctor should obviously have to do with how qualified they are, but you should also feel some chemistry with them. You will be working on an up close and personal level with this person, so you should feel like you can discuss anything with them safely. Also, pay attention to how invested this person seems in your case. You should never feel rushed or insignificant in a meeting with your doctor. They should always make you feel as though all of your needs are being tended to and that you are a top priority for them.

4. Take In The Environment

Every element of the environment at fertility clinic can affect you. The facility should have:
  • A friendly and welcoming feel
  • A competent staff
  • An inviting and comfortable waiting area
  • Clean and organized examination rooms
  • Equipment that is up to date, etc

5. Notice How You Feel 

This is the most important thing and what will tie everything else together. If something does not feel right to you, then there is most likely a good reason for it. The examples listed above will help you to determine what to attribute that feeling to, but it very well might just be something else that your gut is picking up on. In any case, listen to yourself and know that there are a great selection of Texas fertility clinics to choose from. The last thing that you should do is settle. Make sure that you have found the right fit for you. Do not worry, the right place is out there, it might just take a few visits before you find it.


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