Many couples that try to conceive naturally have some difficulty achieving positive results. Quite often there are infertility issues involved. Fortunately, many fertility problems have high treatable success rates. One initial test, a Male Fertility Test, can rule out a number of possible problems with the quality of semen and sperm. Overall health and other factors can cause semen deficiencies and impact the ability of the male to reproduce. Since approximately 30 to 35% of fertility issues reside with the male partner, this is typically where testing and diagnosis begin. Testing for male infertility is relatively simple and the tests cover a wide array of possible problems. At the Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM), one of the leading Fertility Clinics in Houston and the surrounding area, we have a staff of highly trained physicians who are experts in the field of fertility. We help couples resolve fertility problems every day. We have earned a great reputation as a clinic that treats our patients with respect and care, and we make you feel comfortable, and hopeful about conception and pregnancy. Our primary goal is to provide the best care and treatment options, at reasonable prices, for your specific need. We appreciate your concerns and we make sure you understand thoroughly what options are available, so you can make informed decisions about possible treatment. Our Reproductive Specialists utilize the most advanced techniques and the latest treatments available to help our patients attain a successful conception and pregnancy. We believe in, and practice continuing education, so that you will have the benefit of the most modern procedures and medications obtainable. Whether providing a male fertility test or performing in vitro fertilization, we will be with you through each phase of testing and treatment, helping you to fully understand your options, and ultimately realizing your dream of starting a family. If you have any questions about a male fertility test, we encourage you to call us. We provide testing and treatment in a nurturing and compassionate atmosphere. We are aware that these issues are sensitive and we treat all of our patients with the utmost dignity and respect. We assure you that your decision to seek help is the right first step, and we will assist you in any way that we can.


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