Infertility is a complex and extremely frustrating position to be in. There are those that have visited multiple physicians and received some explanation as to why they are having such difficulty, and some who still have little to no clue as to why they are not having success getting pregnant. In some cases, the male could have a low sperm count or the female may have blockage in her fallopian tubes. In less defined cases, it is possible that a big part of your issue involves stress. Stress can do terrible things to the body. Yoga has not only proven to do wonders for helping with stress and anxiety, but yoga also shows signs of increasing fertility, by aiding in the adjustment and alignment of reproductive elements.

Stress & It’s Effect on Fertility

A large number of women have been found to have a high amount of epinephrine (stress hormone) in their systems. Not only does stress have an effect on how we make decisions and handle our daily routines, it can also change the way our body performs normal functions, such as:
  • Regulating hormones
  • Managing blood flow and ovulation
  • Normally fertilizing an egg
Not only may the woman have a lower sex drive from stress, the man may also experience this, as well as erectile dysfunction. The longer you struggle with infertility, the more your stress can increase. Yoga for fertility may be a great way to not only relieve stresses, but to also address the dysfunctions you may be experiencing with your body.

Where Yoga Can Help

During yoga you practice breathing control and meditation, which reduces stress and produces positive changes in the immune system. Additionally, there are actual ways you can stretch the body and realign it that could potentially be good for fertility. A recent study showed women struggling with infertility may have increased their fertility by 35% by practicing yoga to reduce their stress. It is widely agreed by all of those who practice yoga that they not only feel better but their moods exponentially improve with the practice. There are also scientists who believe that specific poses can help the body to make a baby by increasing the blood flow to your pelvis and actually stimulate the glands that produce the hormones. These poses help by:
  • Aligning your pelvis
  • Opening up your hips to realign the uterus
  • Stimulating the immune and endocrine systems
  • Improving overall circulation
Because of these helpful effects on the body, this yoga practice can also lessen side effects from your hormonal treatments. With your stress levels low, your body has a chance to quickly and adequately recover. Additionally for men, yoga has been known to:
  • Reduce spermatorrhea
  • Prevent inguinal hernia
  • Control testosterone secretion
“Yoga for fertility improves both female and male infertility by minimizing stress, which consecutively balances the hormones of the body with improvement in mental health; thereby increasing a couple's ability to conceive. However, persuasive research in this scientific field is still unmapped.” - Dr. Pallav Sengupta, National Library of Medicine
This has not yet become a method with enough proof for doctors to prescribe to their patients, but many do acknowledge its promising effects and believe in its ability to aid the medical treatments already being given. Yoga is in no way a prescription for curing infertility, and in terms of health and medicinal, it falls under the category of being a ‘holistic’ approach. Due to how expensive traditional medicine for fertility is today, there are many couples who are trying the alternative route. {{cta('c3f52e49-eb78-4ee2-8dcf-51374df993dd')}}


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