Free Sperm Freezing Provided for Servicemen Facing Deployment

Houston, Texas (Marketwire) – June 30, 2010– Independence Day is a national holiday with a multitude of celebrations to commemorate our country’s freedom. The day is marked with traditional family gatherings including parades, picnics and riveting fireworks displays.

But July 4 can be a somber day for members of the military who are facing deployment to military outposts in Iraq and across the Afghan combat zone. The Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM) maintains that the celebration of Independence Day this year should not exclusively honor those that have fallen in defense of our country, but to also honor those who are currently in harm’s way serving in our military. The efforts made by the men and women in service should serve to motivate us in our duty to recognize and support them in every possible way. As a leading Texas fertility clinic, CORM would like to offer men in the military preparing to deploy the opportunity to freeze their sperm at no charge.

CORM has offered this service since the very first deployment to Iraq in 2003 and will continue to do so until these conflicts come to an end and all of our military have returned home safely. Sperm freezing is a fertility preservation option for men faced with potential delays in starting a family. This could be due to cancer, illness or surgery but with sperm cryopreservation, the ability to have children will remain an option for the future.

The process of sperm cryopreservation or freezing is simple and safe in terms of protecting and maintaining fertility potential for the male. The sperm are frozen in liquid nitrogen where the cells will remain unchanged until they are needed.

"The success rate of conception using frozen sperm is excellent and we are pleased to offer servicemen this option," said CORM medical director, Vicki Schnell, M.D. "We recognize how difficult deployment can be for couples wanting to start a family and hope that the end result is a safe return and a healthy baby."

The Center of Reproductive Medicine is the only accredited Tricare infertility provider in the Houston Bay Area/Webster and Southeast Beaumont area. Tricare insurance covers infertility diagnostic testing and the cycle management portion of a treatment cycle.


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